Plumbing accidents happen. Most business owners know the dangers of a leaking pipe or water damage in the building. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize that there are problems with their plumbing until there is a major issue. You may be knee-deep in floodwater before anyone realizes that there was a leak.

A plumbing site survey can provide business owners with information about their plumbing systems. This will allow them to seek repairs before major problems occur.

What Can You Expect During a Site Survey?

Plumbing professionals use surveys to confirm sanitary waste line locations, confirm code compliance of water heaters, check for pressure regulators, and more. Contractors will utilize cameras for proof. For instance, a plumber may use video inspections to discover the depths and conditions of sanitary waste line locations.

A site survey may also include:

  • Confirm the condition of the plumbing fixtures
  • Confirm pipe sizes
  • Confirm grease trap locations
  • Confirm size, Kw, manufacturer and serial numbers of a water heater
  • PDF markups of systems within the building
  • Photographs of the equipment

If you need to do any plumbing renovations on your building, then a site survey can help you predict the type and cost of the work needed.

Why Are Plumbing Surveys Important?

After a plumbing site survey, the contractor can indicate any safety or code violations. If your building leaks, for instance, you may not know the full extent of the damage before it’s too late. Surveys act as a safeguard against future leaks and issues. A repair bill may be a lot higher if you wait until there is a real problem or allow a leak to go unchecked.

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