When you are responsible for the upkeep of a commercial property, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most common problem areas is your plumbing system. Knowing what to look for can be extremely helpful in preventing major issues. The following are three commercial plumbing problems to keep an eye out for.


You could find leaks in a variety of places around your commercial property, but whether it’s a leaky faucet or a busted pipe, it will cost you. Without a prompt repair, you’ll be losing money and creating an opportunity for serious damage. Not only will you be paying for plumbing repairs and the damage to your property, if it’s major enough you may have to close for a few days, costing you revenue. This is why it is important to call the professionals at the first sign of a leak.

Water Pressure Issues

Depending on the type of business you run, water could play an important role. For example, someone in the restaurant industry might require a steady flow of water to quickly get the dishes clean. Someone in the laundering industry might rely on the right amount of water to get the laundry done in a reasonable amount of time. If your pressure is low, it could really slow down productivity.

If you’re not in an industry that relies on water pressure, it’s still something to take care of in a timely manner. Whether you notice there’s low pressure in the break room sink or when the toilet flushes, there could be a more serious issue with your plumbing system.


Unfortunately, clogs are a rather common problem in commercial buildings. The likelihood of clogs increases with each person using the plumbing facilities, and commercial buildings generally have a high occupancy. Any and all clogs should be dealt with immediately, whether it is done by you or the professionals. For example, if there is a clogged toilet in the building, try plunging it on your own first. This should hopefully take care of the problem for the time being, but you will still want to call a plumber to come take a look in case there is an underlying issue.

If you experience any of these problems, call the professionals and get it resolved as soon as possible. To learn more or schedule a repair, contact Andersen Commercial Plumbing today by calling 909-326-2729 or sending us an email.