Office Budgeting: How To Budget for Plumbing Costs

As a building owner or manager, you have a lot of upkeep to budget. When you prepare for your annual budget, don’t forget about your plumbing system. A lot of building owners think little of plumbing unless they notice a problem. At Andersen Commercial Plumbing, we know the costs associated with plumbing repairs. Budgeting for general expenses may help you avoid surprises.

Start With a Pipe Condition Assessment

All pipes expire. To extend their lifespan, you need regular maintenance and repairs. One way to be sure of the condition of your pipes, consider a CCTV camera inspection. These inspections allow us to:

  • Analyze your system’s condition
  • Verify your system’s materials
  • Prevent future emergencies
  • Verify your plumbing’s location
  • Prevent any catastrophic failure

The video inspection tells you everything that you need to know about your system. Catastrophic failures or backups into your building can cost you thousands of dollars. It can also force your business to close. When you have an assessment, you can see the problems in real-time to budget for them in the future.

Analyze Your Condition Report

Your Pipe condition report provides a synopsis of the piping system. It includes:

  • Identification of each stack
  • Pipe condition
  • Problem areas within the system

Once we collect the data, we identify the severity of your issues and label them so you can assign your short and long-term problems and repair solution. By analyzing the report, you can start creating a plan for maintenance and repairs. We can extend the lifespan of your plumbing system while allowing you to budget for future and current issues.

When it comes to your office’s plumbing, you never want to procrastinate on regular inspections or maintenance. Often, building owners and managers ignore the plumbing until there is a significant problem resulting in business downtime or expensive repairs. Stay ahead of the game with our team at Andersen Commercial Plumbing!