Benefits Of Going Touchless in Your Commercial Restroom

Although touchless equipment has been available for commercial restrooms for several decades, even more customers now appreciate the benefits of using touchless systems in a sanitary environment. A bathroom sink that features a bar of soap and soiled faucet handles is not acceptable for your staff or customers. At Anderson Commercial Plumbing, we can help upgrade your restrooms with touchless equipment and experience the following benefits.

Health and Safety

Your restrooms are high-traffic areas with several points of contact. The bathroom doors, faucet handles, toilet handles, and towel dispensary are potential contact points where germs and bacteria can spread. When you eliminate the contact points by installing a touchless system, you can minimize the transmission of viruses and germs.

Lower Costs

Manual soap dispensers and paper towel units are significantly more costly to maintain than touchless devices. Automated soap dispensers can be calibrated to expel a specific portion of soap, and automatic dryers use hot air to dry rather than a hefty supply of paper towels. You don’t have to worry about a patron grabbing twenty towels or using a half cup of antibacterial soap.


As more restrooms worldwide become touchless, customers begin to expect every business to have hands-free systems. Going touchless is more hygienic for your guests, but it’s also more convenient. If your sinks and hand dryers are touchless, patrons and staff members are more likely to wash their hands and minimize the spread of germs.


Automated fixtures and appliances can improve the restroom’s efficiency. Ideally, your bathroom should have a smooth flow of traffic without disruptions. When a customer has to wait for the paper towel dispenser to be filled by the cleaning staff, they can become irritated with your business and may not return.

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