4 Reasons You Need 24-Hour Boiler Service for Your Business

If your business has hot water and heat, you have some type of boiler. You likely don’t give it much thought, but when your heat goes out in the middle of winter, you might want to call an emergency boiler service. The hot water for showers in a retirement community and washing dishes in a restaurant depend on the a boiler that is needed 24/7.

1. Hot Water and Heat for Tenants

Emergency boiler services can save you a big headache when tenants have to do without hot water and heat. Paying residents who rent space from you expect speedy service when they are inconvenienced, be it day or night; regardless of your commercial property, the people. A commercial boiler serves many people who work and live in your commercial space. It is a service well worth having when you know you can call 24/7 to have an emergency boiler service company there to fix the problem.

2. Save on Future Repairs With 24-Hour Service

An emergency visit on the weekend to fix a boiler that stopped working might cost you more in after hour fees but it will likely be worth paying a little extra now. Waiting could make the damage worse and cost more in the long run, especially if you have to replace the whole boiler because the damage becomes irreparable. Regular boiler maintenance goes a long way to help keep 24-hour boiler repair calls to a minimum.

3. Emergencies Often Happen In the Wee Hours

A 24-hour boiler repair service is often most appreciated when your boiler stops working in the early morning hours or on a holiday weekend. It will probably be worth your minor inconvenience to have to call an emergency boiler service than to deal with the fallout of no heat and hot water.

4. Reduce Loss Due to Boiler Downtime

Hotel boilers are needed 24/7, and the money lost for every hour down will be substantial. The cost of having an emergency boiler repair company on retainer might seem to be extravagant but not when you compare it to unhappy guests who decide to switch hotels in the chaos. The price to pay for 24-hour boiler repair likely won’t seem so excessive when you consider the alternative. A middle of the night breakdown might also be a wakeup call to have a boiler maintenance visit scheduled.

Contact us at Andersen Commercial Plumbing to get a jump on your regular boiler maintenance. We are here for your 24/7 because we know your boiler can stop working when you least expect it. Our goal is to keep that from happening by maintaining your boiler on a regular basis.