Old buildings have a wonderful charm to them and many business owners love to use them as office spaces. Unfortunately, old plumbing is not as charming and can lead to leaks and an inefficient system. Even so, there’s no need to rush to upgrade a commercial system as soon as you purchase a building. If not then, though, when?

Broken fixtures

When fixtures begin to malfunction or grow loose, they can cause the bathroom, kitchen, or break room to lose aesthetic appeal. This can cause people to have a poorer perception of your business. Broken fixtures may also lead to leaks, which makes things much worse.

Pipe Leaks

Sometimes a leak is fairly obvious. During closing hours, you can hear it dripping or maybe you return one Monday morning to find a mysterious puddle. Other times, you only learn of a leak when the water company calls to ask about an unusual spike in your bill.

Colored Water

Water is supposed to be colorless and odorless. When this is not the case, it may be an indication that the pipes are rusting. This decreases water quality and can become dangerous for employees and patrons.

Increased Use

If you have more customers or employees visiting your commercial space than usual and using the facilities, an upgrade makes good sense. You know your bathrooms are being used beyond capacity when they start breaking, stop flushing, and there are more malfunction accidents.

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