Water damage can do serious, unexpected harm to your business property. While smoke alarms and security systems tend to protect your commercial property from other risks, water damage is often a silent threat. It tends to go unnoticed until the damage is significant and costly to repair. Prevention is the best way to avoid this problem.

Make Maintenance a Priority

The plumbing components of your building typically remain in the background and off your radar, but these elements should always be included in a maintenance and inspection plan. Though your staff should remain vigilant for signs of a problem, you will get the most effective inspection from plumbing professionals like the team at Andersen Commercial Plumbing. Experience and top-of-the-industry training has taught our crew how to look for discoloration on the walls, floors, or ceilings.

If you notice patches of mildew or mold growing around the property, either along the walls or in the restrooms, it could be a sign of a leak. Make checking plumbing components in the bathrooms, around any appliances in the breakroom, and maintenance closets a high priority. A musty, wet odor could also mean there is excess moisture in the air from a leak.

Check All Aspects of the Property

Leaks don’t just occur inside the building. There could be water coming in from poor seals in the windows or from missing shingles on the roof. Using caulking to seal cracks near doors and windows is one way to help alleviate poor seals. Gutters that get backed up with debris can cause water to backflow into places that aren’t designed to hold or distribute water.  Scheduling exterior maintenance inspections several times a year is the best way to protect your building.

Call the Experts

By partnering with Andersen Plumbing Company, you can be fully prepared for potential leaks or water concerns with your property. Our professional team can step in and address your plumbing concerns, protecting your property from serious damage and costly repairs. Contact us today to get your inspection scheduled.