When you invite any type of professional into your commercial building, you are trusting them to make the right decisions for the situation. As far as plumbing goes, you have to trust the plumber to make the correct fixes with the correct parts without destroying anything in the building. To ensure this happens, you should discuss a few things with the plumbing provider before getting the project started.

License & Insurance

To understand whether your plumbing team has the proper experience and legal permissions to do the job, you need to check that they are licensed and insured. At Andersen Commercial Plumbing, you’ll find we are licensed to provide plumbing services in California, with insurance that protects our company and our customers.


Every plumber charges differently, so you should become familiar with the way your plumber charges. At Andersen, we always do the right thing, and never do the easy thing. It’s how we live and how we do business. It spills over into our competitive and reliable pricing on every commercial job.


Hiring a plumber with experience is just as important as hiring a licensed and insured company you can afford. Our President and CEO alone has over 40 years of experience working in the plumbing industry, and many of our other administrators and staff also have decades-worth of experience. Part of our corporate culture includes training that helps each of our employees excel at what they do.


Each commercial building is different and will require a different set of expertise and services. You should understand the type of services a particular plumber offers before hiring one to do the job. Our services include core restroom remodels, safety planning, water conservation retrofitting, sanitary and domestic water system upgrades, and more.

Contact Us Today

To discuss some of these issues in further detail, don’t hesitate to contact Andersen Commercial Plumbing by calling 909-326-2729 or sending us an email. We look forward to helping you with all your commercial plumbing needs.