Pasadena Commercial Plumbing

Pasadena Commercial Plumbing

Pasadena business owners, contractors, and professionals have all made Pasadena their home for business. This is because Pasadena is a major economic hub and is one of the biggest cities in all of Southern California. There are plenty of job opportunities which means businesses are always popping up and new commercial buildings are put up on a regular basis. Andersen Commercial Plumbing offers these people Pasadena commercial plumbing services in an effort to keep existing buildings up to code and to lay the groundwork for plumbing in new constructions as well.

 Pasadena Plumbing Services

New Construction – New construction projects all require the attention of a Pasadena commercial plumber. Hiring Andersen Commercial Plumbing will ensure that you're building receives the most knowledgeable and experienced hands in terms of plumbing. We not only lay pipes and install plumbing fixtures but we also handle sewage needs, and can help with the planning of new building so that plumbing is installed in the most efficient manner. A big portion of our business comes from new construction projects and as such we have built many strong relationships with contractors. Most of our new constructions projects fall in the $50,000 to $1,000,000 price range and so we are adept at handling projects of all sizes.

Tenant Improvement – All residential buildings, be them apartment complexes, hotels, motels, et cetera all need Pasadena plumbing improvements and repairs from time to time. We understand that keeping tenants happy and in your building is a priority for you which is why we offer services to commercial landlords other plumbers don't. We can install new fixtures, repair drains, pipes, and even sewage systems. Our Pasadena commercial plumbers consider the relationships they have with landlords a main ingredient of their success. Call us for small remodels, and even all encompassing multi floor build outs as well as ADA upgrades.

Design Build – Several of our Pasadena commercial plumbers are actually licensed and highly qualified plumbing engineers. Many of the contractors we work with often ask if we can assist with the pluming and design layout as to ensure pluming is installed not only properly but efficiently as well. Our pluming engineers assist with this and will also help you determine what costs you might incur and how to best proceed with the project. Additionally our Pasadena commercial plumbers will congregate with those involved with your project in an effort to put and keep everyone on the same page. It is important for us to place an emphasis on Pasadena commercial plumbing services that include communication and thorough planning.

Sewer Main Relining – Sewer replacement and even some types of repair can be financially costly as well as inconvenient for those who utilize your commercial building. For this reason alone we offer sewer main relining. This particular Pasadena commercial plumbing service allows us to repair your sewer without tearing up concrete and making a large mess in or around your commercial structure. This Pasadena plumbing service also saves both time and and money by flushing your sewer out and then relining its interior restoring it to working order. This particular Pasadena plumbing service is a fantastic alternative to the more costly and intrusive sewer repair services out there.

Mold Repairs & Restoration – For commercial building owners there are few if any issues more serious than mold. Mold damages buildings, is extremely harmful to humans and can cost you business and your reputation if not addressed immediately. As such our Pasadena commercial plumbers offer services that address mold as well as the issues that cause mold. Things like broken or leaking pipes are addressed and repaired. We also address surfaces affected by mold in your building by removing them and disposing of them for you.

Large Plumbing Repairs – Large plumbing repairs and even installations require a Pasadena commercial plumber with the right tools as well as the right experience. Our Pasadena commercial plumbers have extensive experience working on large commercial repair projects. We routinely handle things such as domestic water and fire backflow device repair, the replacement of domestic water booster pumps, and even hot water circulating pumps. Rooftop water storage tanks are no problem for us either.

ADA, LEED and Water Conservation Contractor – If you've been wanting to remodel your commercial restrooms or have new fixtures installed in your building be sure to give our Pasadena commercial plumbers some consideration Our Pasadena commercial plumbers experienced in layouts, installations, as well as consulting and inspections. Retrofits and LEED certified projects are also something we have extensive experience with. Perhaps best of all, our Pasadena commercial plumbers will work with the consultants, architects, and anyone else involved with your project so that you get any LEED credits you deserve.

Backflow Device Testing and Repairs – The law mandates that all commercial backflow devices be tested annually. Here at Andersen Commercial Plumbing we have several staff members who are licensed backflow testers. In addition to that our Pasadena commercial plumbers will not just backflow devices but will make any repairs that need to be made as well. We'll make sure that your building is up to code before we complete any job.

  What Happens When You Hire the Wrong Commercial Plumber??

Hiring the wrong Pasadena commercial plumber can be a costly mistake. When it comes to commercial plumbing services it's best to approach every plumber with caution. Take some time to research plumbers that you're interested in and be sure to look for reviews, testimonials, and the like to get a good sense of reputation and reliability. Inexperienced or less than reputable commercial plumbers have been known to do poor work, violate codes, and consider jobs complete even before installations and repairs have been completed. Working with a plumbers like this can not only damage your reputation as a building owner but can cost you quite a bit of money as well. After being left with poor plumbing work, you'll be forced to call in a second plumber to fix both the original problem as well as the mess created by the first plumber. This can result in double and even triple the cost of the original issue.



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